CD Series

The ACE Program -
Encyclopedia of Options Strategies CD $197

The ACE Program guides you toward making informed trading decisions using objective criteria.

The Encyclopedia of Options Strategies CD, the cornerstone of The ACE Program, is a logical and systematic process that teaches you to:

Assess current market conditions
Choose the best trading strategy corresponding to your market outlook and risk tolerance
Execute with confidence a trading plan so you won’t react emotionally to the market’s gyrations

All examples use S&P 500 options for purposes of comparison, however, the trade structures are applicable for whatever markets you want to trade.

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Strategy: Calendar Spreads & Diagonal Calendar Spreads CD $197

You will learn how to construct positions that:

Earn positive time decay
Profit over a wide range of possible prices
Benefit when implied volatility increases

You will see:

How projected results are affected by the strike prices and contract months are chosen
“Greeks” and Graphic Analyses for a variety of positions prepared by OptionVue5

Strategy: My Favorite Limited-Risk Options Strategies $197

In this CD, Paul gives you everything you need to know about trading the following options spreads:

  • Butterflies
  • Iron Butterflies
  • Broken-Wing Butterflies
  • Condors
  • Iron Condors

Paul uses OptionVue software to illustrate which strikes to use, which option expiration month to use, and the circumstances necessary before attempting to adjust each spread.