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“I have been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade since 1973. Now I am semi-retired and bought your book. It was everything your promotional material said it would be…Thank you.”
S. W. Harrison, Jr., Member, Chicago Board of Trade

When I began trading on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in 1980, I discovered there were few educational resources about options. Over the years, however, there was an explosion of options related material. Unfortunately, the average retail trader has been forced to distinguish between products containing little more than exaggerated claims from those of genuine value.

The objective I established for my book, Trading Options Visually, was to take the mystery out of options and to enhance the readers’ ability to trade options on futures.

Readers of my book learned the most important things I discovered as a floor trader –

Options are easy to understand when they’re broken down into meaningful pieces, and they offer traders a variety of ways to earn money, each with a different degree and type of risk.

Market direction matters but only to the degree that you want it to matter. Changes in sentiment (as reflected in implied volatility) and time decay (either positive or negative) are two other factors, or variables, that significantly affect performance of options trades.

You can combine options in creative ways to achieve the impact you desire for each variable.

There are interrelationships between market movement, implied volatility, and time decay. Changes in one usually cause change in the others. This means there’s a dynamic aspect to trading options that goes beyond forecasting market direction.


Here is what traders are saying about the book…

“I DO like the book . . . but even better I like that you are so responsive to questions! Thanks!!”
Brad Hanscom

“Your ideas are great. I found the book very informative. Thank you for your help.”
Vincent Knight

“Trading Options Visually is the best book I have read. Nothing compares to the nuts and bolts information in your book. Thanks for a great product.”
John Parker

“Your course has been just what I needed to take me to the next level.”
Mike Danchak

“In this book is everything you need to know to trade options successfully, long term. Paul Forchione knows neutral trading and explains it better than anyone.”
Len Yates, President
OptionVue Systems International

“I am very impressed with the clarity and organization of the content. Clear cut and to the point, which I appreciate.”
Jordan M. Tannebaum

“Trading futures is exciting because of the large profits that are possible. Now I also know how to trade option spreads, take less risk and be more consistent.”
Tom B.

“I’ve always considered myself the world’s biggest skeptic, but decided to give your book a try. Worth every penny, as this is without a doubt the best way to trade!. Thank you.”
Bob S., Lynchburg, VA


Winning With Options -
How to Effectively Speculate with Options on Futures $19

This e-book shares much of what I’ve learned over many years about trading options on futures. I wrote 141 “bite-sized pieces” about options and sorted them under the following six headings:

    • Background Information
    • Volatility Trading
    • Trading Tactics
    • Probability
    • Comparative Strategies
    • Psychological Considerations

I discuss the subjects within each heading from different perspectives because I believe this makes complicated options concepts easier to understand. l include personal observations as well. The qualitative nature of this material is an excellent supplement to the material in my foundational CD, The ACE Program – Encyclopedia of Options Strategies.

Some of my writings will “strike a responsive chord” by reinforcing your currently held beliefs, while other portions of this material will challenge you to rethink what you take for granted. Still other parts will provide new insights into trading strategies you can use.


Tying Up The Loose Ends -
Answers to Your Questions about Options $19

In this 112-page e-book, Paul gives you the unique opportunity to “eavesdrop” on the advice and answers he’s given to options traders over the last 15 years This is your chance to listen in on excerpts of dialogues between Paul and his options trading students and clients.

Paul lets you “peek over his shoulder”, study his diary of notes, and read his answers to genuine situational questions of options traders. This clear compilation of questions/answers and analyses gives you the opportunity to learn from Paul’s conversations with serious traders.

Paul illustrates many of his answers and explanations with clear graphics (OptionVue screen shots), making it easier to zero in on the crucial information and ensure that you get that “trading edge.”

As a PDF e-book, you can use the convenient Adobe Reader (download for free!) Search Tool from the Edit drop-down menu to quickly locate the options trading terms, topics, and information that interest you the most. You also can print it out and carry it with you.

Take advantage of Paul’s valuable offer to accelerate your learning and growth as an options trader by taking advantage of this rich source of real-life trading insight and knowledge.